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Our Process

1. Listen

We Listen to your idea

2. Refine

We evaluate and maximize the viability of your idea through brain storming.

3. Define

We define the scope and user stories for the idea. Afterwards, we define the budget and deadlines.

4. Design

We provide an exhibition of design patterns, templates, mockups and elements you can choose from, while the development team works on the product architecture, database schema and application workflow.

5. Develop

We use the scrum methodology to define tasks, objectives and deliverables to implement your product.

6. Review

We schedule review meetings during and after the development phase to ensure we are meeting your expectation. In addition, functional usability and other tests are performed to ensure that your product is intuitive and robust.

7. Delivery and Launch

Finally, we deliver your product, get your final approval and assist you with the launch phase

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