Who We Are?

Oshane Bailey

Oshane Bailey

Chief Executive Officer

Jamaican Developers Group is a community of tech enthusiasts in Jamaica that aims to grow and market the development skills of Jamaicans with a community of highly proficient technical officers and companies. 

Nicholas Kee

Chief Operational Officer

A Few Things You Didn't Know About Us

We Soft Launched Our Community Website in September 2018

It started out as a content curator and classifier for all this tech related in Jamaica, which includes Jobs, News, Events, etc.

We Hosted Our First Tech Event in January 2019 at U.W.I

Our first event was a Java Spring workshop, which moderated by Erdem Gunay, the organiser for the Istanbul Spring Meetup in Turkey

We Started to Host Docker & DevOps Events in March 2019 at U.W.I

Our CEO, Oshane Bailey became the Docker Community Leader for Jamaica in 2019 since then, he has been hosting DevOps events.

Our Vision

Being an institute for innovation for Jamaican companies and digital professionals by building and leveraging the skills and resources we already own to create a sustainable and scalable virtual economy.

Our Mission

We are committed to empower digital professionals and businesses of all sizes with their ideas and help them turn into a global brands. We aim to deliver top-notch solutions, software development and marketing services.

Our Process

1. Listen

We meet, listen and brainstorm ideas

2. Refine

We evaluate and maximize the viability of ideas by talking to potential customers.

3. Define

We define the scope and user stories for the idea. Afterwards, we define the budget and deadlines.

4. Design

We research and discuss an exhibition of design patterns, templates, mockups and elements to use for the idea, while the development team works on the product architecture, database schema and application workflow.

5. Develop

We use the scrum methodology to define tasks, objectives and deliverables to implement the product.

6. Review

We schedule review meetings during and after the development phase to ensure we are meeting the end-users expectation. In addition, functional usability and other tests are performed to ensure that your product is intuitive and robust.

7. Deploy, Launch and Market

Finally, we deploy product, get final approval and get the necessary stakeholders to assist with the launch and marketing phase

Our Products and Services

Development Services

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