Contributing to Open Source

Jamaican Developers seeks to help those students who are still working on their proposals and helping them to resolve blockers in writing the proposal or understanding how to work with larger codebases.

How far are you with your proposal? Having issues or blockers with your chosen project?

Preparing and Polishing Your Proposal​

Jamaican Developers seeks to help those students who are still working on their proposals. If you are a student and have been interested in applying or have started the process, please fill out this survey, as soon as possible. Also, you can book a 15 mins session with Oshane Bailey, GSoC Alumni and Past Mentor at Polishing the Proposal before Tuesday, April 13th, 2021.

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GSoC Topics and Videos

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  • Google Summer of Code: Find a open source project and proposal preparation
    In this post, we’ve shared the presentation guideline for GSoC, which will touch on the following topics: Find an org. Introduce yourself to the community and which project you’re interested in working on. Get familiar with their guidelines, documentation and tech stack Visit the repository, look at existing issues and fix at least 2 issues. […]
  • Examples of proposals for Google Summer of Code
    If you’re interested in apply for Google Summer of Code, you may be interested in see an example of a proposal. I’ve embedded my proposal for GSoC 2017 below. URL: GSOC 2017 - Oshane Bailey Interested in doing Google Summer of Code 2021 Internship? Here are some things you should know Google Summer of Code […]
  • The Palisadoes Foundation had been selected for the 2021 Google Summer of Code
    This is a significant achievement. The Palisadoes Foundation is the first Jamaican based company that got accepted in Google Summer of Code. The Palisadoes Foundation has been sponsoring work done by Jamaican students for various open-source projects for a number of years. Talawa, for example, is a modular open-source project that aims to help community-based […]